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The Iraqi Journal of Physics (IJP)

IJP is a scientific journal that focuses on publishing genuine papers of physical sciences in both applied and theoretical fields. Due to its wide scope, IJP may also accept papers in other fields of relevance, such as Geology and Astronomy, and some specific engineering applications.

The complete list of topics that are of interest for Iraqi Journal of Physics are in the List of Topics page.Being the first specialized journal in physics science inside the Republic of Iraq, The Iraqi Journal of Physics holds a significant place among all other scientific journals published in this field of science. The central role of this journal was revealed from the importance of physics science development in the academic society of Iraq. Such development begun decades ago and it marked the Iraqi scientific society as being the most distinguished, for the notable and extended efforts of its members. More details about the Iraqi Journal of Physics can be found in this site.

The Editorial Board of the Iraqi Journal of Physics is selected Iraqi scientists with well-known contributions in physics, and more information about these members can also be found.

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